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Making Marie a SlutWife

About a year or two ago, Marie, my wife, was really putting herself down in a lot of aspects. She had gained weight, gotten older, and had made the statement that “no other man would ever want to have sex with her”.  We had always taken some nude pics with a Polaroid, just for the fun of it. I talked her into it one night when we were partying. Actually she “kind of agreed” to let me post some, as long as they weren’t totally nude. Most were of her in her panties and bra, a few in a nightgown that didn’t show much.    We posted them on a website, where the guys write in immediately and say what they think. We sat there together and watched the comments. They were all good. To make a long story short, over the next week or two, guys started emailing her at a hotmail address I sat up for her.

After about a week of these emails, etc., the guys talked her into taking off the bra. We posted several pics, and the email rolled in.  In another week or so, they talked her into taking off the panties too. She started getting 35 to 50 emails per day.  Guys wanted her phone number, etc. After another week, she was spreading her legs and showing it all to them.

After a couple of months of this constant complimentary type talk, she finally admitted to me one night, she would like to try another man in bed.  You must understand this came from a woman who had been faithful for 30 years. Never ever been touched by another man.   We both agreed to find just the right man. It could not be anyone we knew, or would ever see again. A total stranger was what it had to be. She started replying to the guy’s emails she liked.

But unfortunately somewhere along the way she got involved with a psychologist on line. He had her eating out of his hand.  She agreed to meet with him and a friend of his and have sex with both of them. I could not believe it. Marie is very conservative.  She wanted him so bad she was willing to fuck his friend too, just to get to meet with him.  I was astonished to say the least. It really hurt. It almost caused a divorce.  I found out about it from his wife who had discovered the whole thing on his computer one day. Let me make it clear that Marie never met the guy, nor even talked to him on the phone. But he had a very powerful influence over her. So much that in some of his letters, he encouraged her to have sex with a couple of strangers before she met with him.

That’s when she picked out a guy. They talked on the phone several times, and we went to meet him in a town about two hours away.  Marie bought this fairly short one-piece dress that zipped up the back from her ass to her neckline. She had a drink or two of cherry vodka and coke, on the way to meet him. At the motel, I watched her get dressed for him.  The only thing she wore under the dress was a black garter type pair of hose.

She was ready to leave the motel room. I took her in my arms and told her she didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want too. Marie knew I wanted her to do it, or at least I thought I did. She just looked at me and started to cry. But then she said, “Yes I do”.  I asked if she “wanted” to do it. She said yes. She kissed me and walked out the door, looked back at me standing there, and said, “I love you Honey”. I told her I loved her too, and watched her walk away. I was excited, scared, jealous, and very lonely. The agreement was that I would wait about 20 minutes and then go to the bar too.

When I walked in, there were only two people in the bar, my wife and a strange man sitting next to her. They didn’t see me as I walked up to the bar. I could tell they were having fun, and an intimate conversation. I sat at the bar for probably ten minutes drinking a beer. Finally this man got up and walked to the bar and said, “the lady needs another drink”.  I was totally jealous, sexually turned on, and disoriented as to my feelings. He then turned to me and said, “Why don’t you join us?”

I walked over and sat down. He said, “You have a lovely wife”. I blurted out, “So are you getting to know each other pretty well by now?” He laughed and said, “We know each other real well now, don’t we Marie!” She just smiled and said “yes”. I said something stupid like, “how well do you know her, have you felt my wife’s tits yet!” He responded by saying, “you mean like this?” He took her in his arms and with his one hand gave her tits a real rubdown. I just sat there not knowing what to say or do. My heart was racing. This was my wife I loved. When the kiss broke, she just looked at me. Stupid is as stupid does.

I then asked if he had felt her pussy. He said he had, and it was very wet. She just looked at him and smiled. I said “Are you sure you have already? Do it in front of me.”  He reached over and ran his hand up her skirt. I looked under the table even! He was fingering my wife right in front of me! I was shaking. So was my wife. She looked at me, I looked at her. I asked if she would be more comfortable if I left the table and went back to the bar. She said yes, so I left. I watched them from the bar. She felt him, he felt her.

After about another 10 minutes or so, he walked to the bar and paid the tab. He looked at me and said, “your wife wants to go to the room right now”. They walked out; I walked out about a minute later. It really came to light then as I watched them about 50 yards away, his arm around her, hers around him, walking, a little kiss now and then.

My wife I loved was about to be fucked by a total stranger, and she wanted him to do it. She had let him feel it all already. I knew there was no turning back now. I walked up and opened the motel door. They were standing there in the center of the room kissing very deeply. I just walked on by over to the cooler and got a beer.  He sat on the bed and pulled her close. I could see it all in the mirror. He raised her skirt up and looked at her nude body. She just stood there. He then lay her over on the bed with her skirt around her waist. Her eyes were closed. He spread her legs, then looked directly at me and smiled. I stood there in a trance. He ran his hand down her tummy and felt her pussy. She had shaved it just for this guy! He looked at me and said, “Your wife has a hell of a nice pussy”.  I blurted out something.

He lay down on his back, and she lay on her side now kissing him. He unzipped the back of her dress. The zipper went down to where you could see the start of the crack of her ass. He then pulled the skirt part back up around her waist. He lay there very slowly rubbing her bare back, then down and rubbed her bare ass. I looked, as my wife was lying there with this stranger. My head was kind of spinning; it seemed all to be a dream of sorts. I looked at the thigh high garter type hose, looked at my wife’s bare-naked ass, and the strange hand that was rubbing it, feeling the crack now and then. I think I was kind of in a state of disbelief. They were kissing deeply. I then saw my wife’s hand move to his lower stomach area, then down.

My wife was feeling another man’s crotch. I had seen it in the bar, but that was just a little touching. Now she was actually feeling his dick and balls, her hand completely between his legs at times. In a moment or two, I watched as she undid his belt. She was giggling as she undid it, and they were whispering. That really bothered me, as it seemed so intimate. I wasn’t prepared for this part of it.

I watched as she unzipped his pants and slid her hand down into his shorts. This was my wife, not some movie. I found it hard to realize this wasn’t some fantasy or x-rated movie I was watching. Here was my wife whom hadn’t touched another man in thirty years, with her hand now around a stranger’s dick, slowly pumping it up and down!

He then moved her over so she was lying lengthways on the bed. He somehow, when I had turned to get a cigarette and another beer, removed her dress entirely. She lay there naked except for the black garter and hose. He was looking at my wife’s tits and playing with them. He looked at me, and spread her legs as wide as he possibly could. It was easy to see this guy really liked taking another man’s wife right in front of him!  He then started fingering her. She was so horny she arched her back and started moaning. She was moaning very loudly. I had to accept the fact that my lovely wife loved the things he was doing. He then started kissing her tits, and moved progressively downward. He was now eating my wife.    Marie was clenching the bed cover and moaning loudly. She admitted later, that she even climaxed once or twice. He ate her longer than she had ever let me do it. Finally in a few minutes, he sat up and looked at me, smiled, and then stuck about three fingers in her pussy. He then moved up, and slowly positioned himself to enter her. He had help! I looked down, and there was Marie’s hand trying to pull his dick into her. She succeeded quite readily.

He turned over slightly and actually looked at me when he stuck it in my wife. She climaxed again right then. He fucked her, as I can’t use the term “made love to her”, hard and fast. Marie was very, very vocal about the whole thing. I don’t know how many times I watched her climax. I am sure it was six or seven times. Finally he sat up and got off of her. He looked at me and said, “man your wife is a fucking-machine, and I need a rest for a little while!”

She lay there naked now, and I crawled on, and she climaxed harder than she ever had. It was her first experience of course of having two men in the room, and she had always wanted some guy to watch us fuck.  I asked her to suck on him as I fucked her. To my surprise, she did. Marie did not like to suck cock at all at this time. Marie had one hell of a night! So did I, but I also have to tell the truth since that is what this story is about.

It wasn’t all good. Marie was pretty drunk as this all happened. We took a break and it really got to me. I watched as my wife was sitting on the bed leaning up against the headboard with a total stranger, totally naked and they were both just talking with me. I watched as the stranger occasionally ran his hands to my wife’s breasts or down to her crotch. I was on the other bed. I felt like an outsider, like I shouldn’t be here, like it was a dream. We both fucked her again, she sucked me while he was on her from behind, and then we switched. Marie liked it I could tell.

Finally Marie and him decided to go get something to eat. We all went and nothing happened during the trip to the café or back. When we got back to the motel, Marie went and changed into this tiny red nightgown with bikini panties. She walked up and lay down beside him on the bed. She lay with her back toward him talking to me. His hands roamed her body wherever they wanted, and she didn’t say a word. Finally his hand went into her panties, and in the middle of talking to me, Marie stopped and let out a sigh. I knew she was his again. He soon rolled her over on her tummy, pulled down the panties, and fucked her from behind. He had his hands between her tits and the mattress, and never let go of them. I sat watching as his dick went in and out of her pussy. It was still hard to realize this was my wife’s pussy I was seeing, and a stranger’s dick going in and out of it. I went and sat down and watched her climax again and again. When he got off, I asked her if she wanted more and she said yes, so I rolled her over on her back and fucked her too. By this time, everyone was tired, Marie was sobering up. It came time to go to bed, I mean actual sleep. We had two queen size beds. It was agreed Marie would sleep with him.

The lights went out.  In about 20 minutes or so, after they thought I was asleep, I heard stirring. There was just enough streetlight to kind of see what they were doing, although they kept the covers over them. I could hear the whispering, the soft giggles from my wife, the stifled moans she was making. I watched as the covers moved and the only thing that she could be doing was “going down on him”. I watched the covers go up and down with her head.

I have to be honest. I lay there with tears in my eyes. He rolled her over on her tummy and fucked her for a while. Then I could see him role her back over and she had her legs wrapped around his neck. I lay there in silence as he ate my wife again. He fucked her on her side too, and then rolled her over again on her back. I heard noises. They had the covers over their heads. I sat up and lit a cigarette. They never noticed. I sat there listening to her moan, more giggles, more whispers. Then the unmistakable sounds of Marie climaxing again. I made the mistake of thinking they were through, and had climaxed for good. I walked over to the other side of the bed, and jokingly said, “What the hell are you guys doing now?”

It didn’t go over to well. Marie didn’t say anything, and neither did he. They got up and we all talked for a few minutes. Marie went to sleep in his bed. I lay there looking at her in the moonlight.  I really didn’t know how I felt about the whole damn thing. I was hurting though, watching my wife sleep, in another man’s bed.

I got disturbed emotionally. I got up and tried to get my clothes on. I wanted to take a little walk by myself. I got down to putting my boots on, when I heard Marie say, “where are you going?” I said “for a little walk”. She asked what was the matter. We sat and quietly talked.  She moved over to my bed, and we made love. Then I made her go back to his bed. That was the agreement we had made. She would wake him in the morning, and you know how.

I finally slept. After it got light I lay there. Finally Marie awoke. She thought I was asleep. She rolled over next to him. That hurt to watch her do that. She wasn’t drunk now. I watched the covers and could see what she was doing with her hands, and knew she was jacking him off.  Before long, to my surprise, she rolled over on her back and just lay there.  Soon the guy got up, got his shorts and pants, and told her he would go get us all some coffee.

While he was gone we talked. He had told her he just didn’t like the situation after the night before, and thought she had just better forget it all. I soon left the room telling Marie I would be gone for about 45 minutes. I figured this would give them time to fuck without me around if that’s what they wanted. That hurt too. Our agreement was, and still is, she will not have sex, other than feeling around, without me there. It is a loving partner thing.

All they did was sit and talk. He left before I got back. I walked in the room, she was dressed and all packed. We both sit down on the bed and talked. Then we both sit and cried, holding on to each other. Then we made love.

We both shed a few tears on the way home. The next day, Marie pulled all her pictures off the Internet, threw away all the addresses, and even threw the fancy lingerie in the trash. She was totally ashamed of what she had done. So was I.  I didn’t blame her of course. It was both our faults, but perhaps mostly mine. But anyway you looked at it, a total stranger had seen her naked, had felt everything she had many times; he had eaten her orally, and had fucked her four or five times. She had sucked a stranger’s dick several times, and she had to face reality.

Sometime about 6 weeks later, we both came to understand, nothing had happened to our love, it was just sex. Sex for fun. There were no emotional ties, no strings, just the act of getting her turned on, and both of us having a lot of sexual fun. Soon Marie let me take more pics, and she and I found her another lover. The second time was really nice, but not an all-nighter. We have found that the “all night ones” can be trying, but fun too. But, if we have to get two queen beds, the sleeping part Marie does with me. If she wants to go “visit” him in the middle of the night, she can, but she will come back to my bed to sleep.

It’s funny. The actual sex acts; I mean feeling her up, stripping her, making love, all that don’t bother me. That’s just sex. BUT—the things like “cuddling” too long, whispering, holding hands while we’re all together, etc.  They do bother me.  I don’t want to share the tenderness, or the caring. Just keep it to physical sex, no feelings other than lust and gratification. We can do it now, but Marie still has to watch what she is doing. She doesn’t want to form any emotional ties, and she does get to know some of the guys very well over the Internet, and phone calls before meeting them. That is, at least most of the time.

Now Marie can have the man be stripping her clothes off, and look over at me, smile, and wink at me. I know now, it’s just all in fun for her. And it is a hell of a turn on for both of us.


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